e2m AEDS for all Commercial Shipments, Air and Sea (updated)

Let’s get you prepared for this upcoming regulatory implementation for export cargoes, special attention to Air Cargoe.

In preparation and as your checklist guide for the upcoming Mandatory Implementation of the e2m AEDS  for all Commercial Shipments under the CMC 79-2016 signed June 1, 2016  citing three previously published CMO:

  • CMO 49-2010 on the subject: “Electronic Lodgment of Export Declarations Through VASPs at the One Stop Export Documentation Center”
  • CMO 54-2010 on the subject: “Electronic Lodgments of Export Declarations Through Accredited VASPs”
  • CMO 7-2012 on the subject: “Supplemental Guidelines on the Implementation of the Automated Export Documentation System under e2m Customs”.

*CDEC encourages you to review and validate compliance to the following BOC requirements:

>>> Are you a registered Exporter or Broker with a valid Client Profile Registration System (CPRS)? If not, we recommend that you immediately fill-up the CPRS Form (found at the Download Forms and Memo of this website) and submit together with your scanned/digitized signatures, photos to cs@cdec.com.ph

>>> Have you secured a Bank Reference Number (BRN) from a BOC Authorized Agent Bank (AAB)?  The Certificate of Registration (COR) with Customs Client Number (CCN) is required by the Bank for BRN Application. The Documentary Stamp Fee (DSF) amounting to PHP 115 will automatically be debited in your BRN for every successful Export Declaration. Please also note, as per BOC, TSAD Prepaid Accounts is not designed to handle AEDS payments for DSF. Authorised banking facilities are within your reach to avail of this service.

>>> Are you enrolled with CDEC? Exporters  must be enrolled with a VASP, and CDEC welcomes your enrollment in case you have not done so. Please accomplish the attached CDEC Registration form and send to cs@cdec.com.ph . After receipt and approval of your Enrollment Form, we will issue your “user name and password”.

We shall continuously update you once BOC has released the Guidelines and Date of Implementation.

Other things you need to understand from the CMC 79-2016:

  • Definition of commercial air shipments:  Commercial Shipments and trade commodities/items for sale or barter under consignment with commercial value or quantity.  These are regular exports wherein the exporter and importer of good are business entities.
  • Exempted from e2m AEDS implementation
    • All personal effects shipments which shall continue to be processed manually
    • All shipments emanating from PEZA and Freeport Zone Authority (CDC, AFAB and SBMA) which shall be covered by a separate Customs Memorandum Order (CMO)
  • Coverage of e2m AEDS implementation
    • Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)
    • Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA)
    • Mactan – Cebu International Airport (MCIA)
    • Davao International Airport (DIA)


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