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CDEC Registration Forms

To use CDEC’s web-commerce portal, start securing your User ID and Password by filling up the following. Once completely filled up, send to CDEC Support will provide you your credentials on your registered email address.


Client Profile Registration System (CPRS) Manual Draft Forms 

Pick the applicable form here, and once completely filled up, send to


PEZA General Procedure

1/6 Kindly fill up the necessary Registration Form, and submit to CDEC along with the following, once approved you will get your User Credentials (User ID and Password) for use at

a.PEZA Certificate

b. Zero Rated Certificate

c. BIR 2303

2/6 PEZA Locators shall prepare the following documents, use Annex BCD, and E for this:

– Locator Registration and Nomination of VASP and Brokers (Annex B)

– Locator Prepares List of Allowed Items for Importation or Exportation

a.List of Importables (excel file + print-out) (Annex C)

b.List of Exportables (excel file + print-out) (Annex C)

– Endorsement/Certification of List of Importables and Exportables (Annex D)

– Signatory for List of Importables and Exportables (Annex E)

3/6 Zone Manager will check the completeness of the documents.

4/6 Zone Manager will endorse the application to VASP (usually via e-Mail).

5/6 Locator or its representative shall upload or encode the List of Exportable or Importable at CDEC AEDS ,EIPS or EZTS Portal at

6/6 Zone Manager will approve the Importables and Exportables online at

PEZA Electronic Zone Transfer System


PEZA EIPS (Electronic Import Permit System)


PEZA AEDS (Automated Export Document System)